TJB Gelbvieh Annual Bull Sale

November 3, 2018

Bulls:              Bulls average $3636
Females:       10 Females average $2090

TJB Gelbvieh 7th Annual Bull Sale was a tremendous success! Thank you to everyone that played a role in a wonderful event. Bulls averaged $3636, and the ten females averaged $2090. High selling bull was Lot 30 for $9600.

To finalize a fantastic sale, we are now blessed to have a new son-in-law on the way, as Kelsie Bickett and Bo Wilson became engaged in the post-sale celebration!

TJB Gelbvieh would like to thank everyone making this event a success. We would like to invite you to next year’s sale on November 2, 2019 to incorporate the maternal advantage of Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle with proven TJB genetics.