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TJB Gelbvieh has always operated under the philosophy that the true strength of any breeding program is the female. The “Maternal Magic” theme was developed to reflect our belief that the dominant female is essential to the success of a program in a maternal breed such as Gelbvieh. Therefore, we ventured out to find females that had established their real values over time through production. Many considered us crazy for our purchases of 10-12 year old cows to put into our donor program. Our strategy was to identify the successful breeders with similar breeding philosophies and capitalize on their years of selection. The majority of the genetics you see offered and promoted are now the end product of our twenty years of selection. Although we sold many great cows in our dispersal, we were and are still able to utilize those genetics in our program.


You can buy any of our genetics with a satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase any genetic product from TJB Gelbvieh and performance doesn’t reach expectancy of that product, we will offer you satisfaction if the failure is not deemed negligence. All we ask is that you do so in a timely manner. We do this because we believe in our genetics and we expect the same from them.